Learning to Live… Through Jesus, Our Neighbours and Each Other


This week we continued our series on Every Creature Singing.  Our guest speaker was  Gordon Enns, Executive Director of the Saskatoon Food Council.  Gordon, and his wife, Lynne, have served overseas with MCC, and he is also involved with the work of Heifer Canada.

Below I offer you a list of some resources for further reading and reflection on creation care.

Redekop, Calvin, ed. Creation & the Environment: An Anabaptist  Perspective on a Sustainable World.

Anabaptist Bestiary Project (online).  This alternative rock group from Bluffton University writes original songs that reflect on earth’s creatures and give them a voice.

Brown, William.   The Seven Pillars of Creation: The Bible, Science and the Ecology of Wonder.   A Biblical study of seven Old Testament creation accounts is put in conversation with modern science.  A demanding but rewarding read.

Davis, Ellen. Scripture, Culture and Agriculture: An Agrarian Reading of the Bible.  Davis begins with the premise that the Hebrew people were small farmers and that their writing reflects this. She is also in dialog with contemporary sustainable farming efforts.

Heinrichs, Steve, ed. Buffalo Shout, Salmon Cry: Conversations on Creation, Land Justice and Life Together.  This unsettling collection of essays includes Native American voices and grapples with white appropriation of Native lands.

Yoder, Perry. Shalom: The Bible’s Word for Salvation, Justice and Peace.  A brief guide to the Bible’s understanding of peace, with a strong emphasis on justice.

Chasing Ice.  This sobering but beautiful documentary features photographer James Balog’s mission to record the melting of glaciers with cameras. It is available for viewing on Netflix Canada.

Kingsolver, Barbara. Flight Behavior: A Novel.    This popular novel explores environmental issues involving monarch butterflies from the perspective of a working-class woman from West Virginia struggling to make ends meet.

Citizens for Public Justice is a national organization of members inspired by faith to advocate for justice in Canadian public policy. They describe Public Justice as “the political dimension of loving one’s neighbour, caring for creation, and achieving the common good.”

The Story of Solutions.   This nine-minute cartoon video from Annie Leonard’s “Story of Stuff”  Project imagines how we might move our economy in a different direction, just by orienting ourselves toward new goals such as better health and a healthier environment.

Simple Carbon Foot print calculator.   What’s your carbon footprint? The Global Footprint Network offers a calculator with various options to help children or adults analyze their approximate ecological footprint, based on whether they live in Eastern Canada (Ontario) or Western Canada (Calgary).

Blessed Earth Tip Sheets.   Blessed Earth is an educational non-profit that inspires and equips people of faith to become better stewards of the earth. Matthew and Nancy Sleeth are the founders. Their concise and attractive tip sheets cover food, water, green cleaning, lawns and gardens, vacations and more.


There is a lot here. Don’t try and follow up on all of them but pick one, perhaps starting with the BLESSED EARTH TIP SHEETS.  Educate yourselves and your children and have fun doing it.

‘The earth is the Lord’s and all that is in it, the world, and those who live in it….’   (Psalm 24.1) 


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