Learning to Live… Through Jesus, Our Neighbours and Each Other


This Fall we are focussing our worship on the theme of ‘What disciples do.’   Although as Christians we are often identified by what we believe, Jesus seemed to care more about what his followers did.  Faith practices, along with thoughtful theological beliefs, are crucial to the church.  During the Sundays from September through November we will explore what disciples do in living out the call of Jesus to ‘follow me.’

September 2   Disciples wrestle with God.  A look at the Jacob story and how we grapple with our own faith questions.

September 9   Disciples pass the faith on.  On this Education Sunday we focussed on the importance of teaching in the home and the church.

September 16  Missions and Services Sunday focussed on the theme of ‘caring for the least of these’ with guest Jodi Buckley from the Friendship Inn.

September 23  Disciples take their faith to work (1).  This Sunday we focus on our work and how our faith impacts our careers.

Jeff Van Duzer who is dean of the business school at Seattle Pacific University has commented that the average person, with a forty year working life will spend some 70-80,000 hours at their workplace.  By contrast, over those same forty years average church attendance will probably add up to about 4000 hours!

In an average week many people spend more time with their co-workers than with their spouse or family.  To a great extent we are defined by our work … What do you do?  we ask when we meet someone. 

What this means is that in addition to our home life, the primary area in which we live out our discipleship commitments is at our workplace.

Join us as we reflect on this theme with biblical reflections from Genesis 2 and an interview with Kevin regarding his work.



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