Learning to Live… Through Jesus, Our Neighbours and Each Other



Good and gracious God,  You are gathering this community from across the earth, asking us to pour out our lives on behalf of those who hunger for hope, for justice, for daily bread.

You are asking us to see the earth as you do, so very,very good.   Trees with fruit, bursting with seed.      Green plants for food, for humans and for every living creature.

Breathe new life into us…. as a global community,  as local congregations.  Gather us together so that we may remind each other  of your intent for this earth.  Gather us so that we may pour out our lives      in Christ’s name, as Christ does on behalf of those who hunger.      AMEN

Canadian Aid makes a difference for millions of people!Canada’s international assistance, or aid, reduces hunger and poverty around the world. Real progress on reducing global hunger has been made, thanks to international cooperation.

Over the years Canadian aid has helped to improve the lives of people around the world by:

Providing immediate assistance in times of crises and food emergencies,

  • Supporting health, education, and economic opportunities for people who are marginalized, especially women,
  • Helping to strengthen local governments to better serve the needs of their citizens;
  • Growing community resiliency in the face of increased disasters linked to climate change.

But! Canadian aid as a share of our national income is declining. In fact, it is almost at an historic low. Canada could play a bigger role in helping to fight poverty and hunger.

Here’s why:

  • Canada is a wealthy country, with much to share. Canada currently provides about $5 billion a year toward helping to address world poverty. That’s about 0.26 percent of our national income. It sounds like a lot of money—and it is. But think of it this way: Canada’s defence budget is about $20 billion a year. We spend $6.5 billion on our pets every year. And we spend $22 billion on alcohol each year.

In real dollars, Canada gives about 26 cents out of every $100 we take in, toward aid.  As people of faith we can encourage our elected representatives to examine their priorities so that we work for ‘enough for all.’

This Sunday, Jacquie Block, co-director of Canadian Food Grains Bank programs in Saskatchewan will share stories of hope and present opportunities for us to be involved in ‘feeding the world.’

For a great video with music follow the link below.




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