Learning to Live… Through Jesus, Our Neighbours and Each Other


This year I am beginning a new project called MARKINGS.  It will be a Monday morning posting – usually a story or quote that you can carry with you through the week.   On (most) Fridays I will submit my regular blog on various topics of interest.


STORY – Congregation Sha’ar Zahav in San Francisco was founded to serve the LGBT community.  This has made it a target of both anti-Semitic and homophobic attacks.  Members of the congregation were anxious after the Pittsburgh synagogue shootings.  A Mennonite congregation, which uses the building on Sundays, volunteered to stand vigil outside during Friday evening services.

The rabbi said: ‘I’ll take 20 Mennonites over one armed security guard any day.’   [Christian Century magazine – Dec.5, 2018]


Lord, reveal Your purpose to me for my life, that I may do the work You have for me. Teach me Your truth and give me courage to stand up for it, regardless of the fashion of the times, and, by Your grace, may I be a good example to others. Amen.  [Hilary of Poitiers]

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