Learning to Live… Through Jesus, Our Neighbours and Each Other


“A merry heart doeth good like a medicine….”  (Proverbs 17.22)

A hotel in Cheshire, England, is offering guests the chance to rent a goldfish to keep them company during their stay.  The Happy Guest Hotel charges guests $5 to have the goldfish, unimaginatively named ‘happy’ placed in their room.  The hotel owner, Jeff Riley, believes the goldfish can offer guests ‘unconditional love and a valuable sounding board’ when returning to their room following a hard day’s work.  ‘Obviously it can’t talk back,’ he said, ‘but it can wiggle its fins and swim around the tank – it will give guests someone to talk to and unload the troubles of the day.’   (Globe & Mail

Cartoon:  Man seated in a living room tells his wife, “My life has become a tangled web of fictitious user names and fiendishly clever passwords.”

Never eat anything you can’t lift over your head!

Minister officiating at a wedding:  “First, I’ll read the minutes from my last wedding!”

Cartoon:  A husband and wife sit quietly in their living room.  Above them a balloon says, 100% recycled conversation.” 

Definition: A camel is a horse put together by a committee.

A noted biologist, who had been studying little green frogs in a swamp, was stumped. The frog population, despite efforts at predator control, was declining at an alarming rate. A chemist at a nearby college came up with a solution: The frogs, due to a chemical change in the swamp water, simply couldn’t stay coupled long enough to reproduce successfully. The chemist then brewed up a new adhesive to assist the frogs’ togetherness, which included one part sodium. It seems the little green frogs needed some monosodium glue to mate.


Bulletin Bloopers:

* Diana and Don request your presents at their wedding.

* Don’t let worry kill you. Let the church help.
* Doxology: “Praise God all preachers here below.”
* During the absence of our Pastor, we enjoyed the rare privilege of hearing a good sermon when J.F. Stubbs supplied our pulpit.

* Please welcome Pastor Don, a caring individual who loves hurting people.

* Remember the youth department rummage sale for Summer Camp. We have a Gents bicycle, also two ladies for sale, in good running order.

* The church will host an evening of fine dining, superb entertainment and gracious hostility.

* At Easter, the choir did the cantata “Olivet to Calvary.” It was noted in the local paper as “All of It to Calgary.”

Have a great July.  See you in August, deo volente.


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