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The opportunity of time

The Opportunity of Time

Ecclesiastes 3.1-14

Ephesians 5.15-17

For everything there is a time….’

Everywhere we turn there is a clock: on buildings, on wrists, on our phones and ipads.  In the movie Cast Away, time obsessed Chuck Noland is marooned on a desert island and must reflect for four years about the priorities in his life.

In the 1960s The Byrds popularized Pete Seeger’s song, Turn, Turn, Turn.  Sung during the Vietnam War it advocated, ‘A time for peace, I swear its not too late.’

Anabaptist martyr Adrian Janss, in a poignant farewell letter to his wife, claimed that to everything there is a time:  ‘A time to meet and a time to part.’  He encouraged his wife by promising that they would be reunited in ‘that place where there will be no more parting, for there we shall ever be with the Lord.’  (Martyr’s Mirror).

In the bustle of a culture in which time has become more valuable than money, we need to hear the Teacher’s message concerning time and timeliness.


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