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The Hispanic Ministry at MRMC started in early 2006 with the arrival of a large family from Colombia that was in need of a Christian connection in Canada. As the connection expanded, it became apparent that the Hispanic community would benefit from pastoral support by a Spanish speaking person, with Colombian connections and an understanding of the culture and history of Colombia.
The pages in this section of our ministry are a reflection of the Hispanic community of our congregation.

Hispanic Pastor Review
We are currently conducting a review of the work of our Hispanic Pastor. A review is our way of offering an affirmation of things that the pastor does well, and also communicating ideas and identifying opportunities for church and pastoral growth.

Click the link below to participate in the current survey of the work of our Hispanic Pastor.
MRMC Hispanic Pastor Review

The survey document is an MS Word form. In order to complete the questionnaire – you will need MS Word 2007 or above, or compatible equivalent. Once you have downloaded the form you can work offline, save the form on your computer and return to it as needed. When completed, email the completed form to the email address provided.