Learning to Live… Through Jesus, Our Neighbours and Each Other

Spiritual Care Ministry

As a church we have chosen to set apart members from within our congregation to participate in the ministry of the congregation, specifically for the purpose of assisting the pastoral team in spiritual and caring aspects of congregational life. General Terms of Reference for this Ministry are found in the Bylaws. Persons selected for this ministry will be known as the Deacons of the congregation.

Our church is made up of people, and we recognize that as such we sometimes experience difficulties or conflict. When that occurs, our desire is to resolve the conflict in a respectful and loving manner, following biblical principles:
Process for Handling Differences

On occasion we are faced with a situation where an individual or group is in dire need has no recourse for other assistance. We may after researching options conclude that financial assistance from the church body is in order. The following policy guides the process of providing that assistance.
Benevolence Policy
Benevolent Gift Form