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Refugee Sponsorship

MRMC has a long history of assisting refugees, beginning with Vietnamese Boat people and Salvadoran refugees in the 70’s and 80’s. In 1998 we responded to a plea from MCC for help in responding to refugees fleeing the war in Kosovo. In 2000, during an ‘Africa Sunday’ the Lwamba brothers, a recently arrived family group from Eastern Congo who sang as a musical group called Krystal, asked for MRMC’s help in bringing their two sisters to Canada. After a long and difficult process, Leonie with 5 children arrived in March of 2004. At Christmas that year we learned that Leonie’s husband had been located in a refugee camp in Africa. We decided to apply to sponsor him under the family reunification process. It took until August 2010 before we were able to welcome Stephane, Leonie’s husband to Saskatoon.
Most recently, the refugee situation brought about by the conflict in Syria, prompted us to reach out once again. In May 2016 a family of 6 were welcomed at the airport, and taken to their new home in Saskatoon.

Syrian Refugees are met at the Airport