God's promise of guidance

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Bulletin Watch

February 5, 2023 

Series:           NEW YEAR, SAME PROMISES

A new year.  We begin with high hopes, with resolutions to change, with new expectations of our lives.  But in spite of good intentions, most things stay the same.  This may be cause for disappointment, but there is some consistency we can celebrate.  God’s promises do not change with the calendar or the latest pop trends.  We want to begin this new year appreciating God’s steadfast loving kindness and God’s unbreakable promises.


Sermon:        ‘God’s promise of guidance’


Scripture:      Matthew 5.13-20

Two powerful images in the text – salt and light (Matthew 5:13-20). The idea that the gospel is salty, not honey sweet, sparked some strong ideas for me. Too often we make the gospel message into pablum thinking that it will interest more people. But our message is much more caustic than that. It’s demanding and came at great cost - and it demands something from us as well. Our full commitment, for example.


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