Detailed below are some ways to give financially to the ministry or projects of MRMC. We have a number of electronic options available for you, including  a mobile or Internet option called, Interac e-transfer, or directly on this webpage.  Cheques may be mailed or dropped off at the church, make cheques payable to MRMC or Mount Royal Mennonite Church.  Cash is of course always appreciated.  If donating cash, please do it in the offering receptacle on Sunday or ensure that someone is available to receive the cash on behalf of the church. 

Receipts are normally issued annually, early in the new year, to donors that provide a mailing address.  If you would like an immediate receipt, please let us know.

We thank you very much for your support of the work of Mount Royal Mennonite Church.

If you are visiting the area and/or checking out our website and considering coming to worship with us, please don't feel obligated to give. We'll be glad you came. 



Give to our church ministry by Interac e-transfer. 

You use the same process as for any other e-transfer. 

The church can accept e-transfer donations only by email.  For details about the e-transfer email address, please call the church office (306)382-2677, between the hours of 8:30 and 12 noon Monday through Friday to speak with our Administrative Assistant.

Processing fee is whatever your bank charges you for e-transfers.


Our church is connected to a service, called, whereby your donations may be made electronically using your credit card.

Briefly:  You set up an account with, then:

You can donate via the Internet with your smart phone or computer.
You can make a single donation or set up for recurring giving.
You can designate to categories that have been set up.
You receive an email confirmation.
The mobile App is available from either the App Store (iPhone) or Google Play (Android).
Processing fee deducted from the donation is 2.9% plus $.30 per donation.



This option employs a secure online transaction process much like an online purchase with a credit card. 

 Use one of the buttons below to give a donation to the ministry of our church.

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