Five Minutes on Friday #72


Albert Einstein gave us a profound explanation of the relativity of time and space.  But any parent travelling with children knows that time and space are relative, because five minutes into a 24 hour trip, the three year old in the backseat asks that eternal question.  “Are we there yet?”  No matter how fast you go, it’s always too far to that space way down the road.

Chaim Weizmann, described a transatlantic crossing with Einstein: ‘Einstein explained his theory to me every day; by the time we arrived, I was finally convinced that he understood it.’ ” 



A demonstration of humility through footwashing in an Ethiopian peacebuilding training inspired one man to persuade more than 600 rebel fighters to turn from their violent ways.


SUNDAY – John 17.1-11

As the early church leader, Ignatius, was taken to Rome as a prisoner headed for martyrdom, he wrote to his beloved churches in Asia Minor over which he was bishop.  His primary concern in those letters is that he be found a worthy martyr.  That hope, however, connects with one key concern, that the churches under his leadership have unity.  He prays, pleads, and longs that they be united in their belief and behaviour in faithfulness to Jesus Christ.  Only if the churches are united will he be found to truly be a martyr.    [Willard Swartley in John: Believers Church Bible Commentary, 393].


Whose glory does your life reflect most?  Who taught you about the meaning of prayer?  How are your prayers like and unlike Jesus’ prayer?  Join us as we reflect on these and other questions in story, song, and sermon. – One is the body