Faith and forests

This Sunday, April 18, we will celebrate Earth Day with a special focus on trees.  For those of you who like JEOPARDY, here are some questions for you to ponder.  (Answers are at the end of this blog in case you need help).

1      What is the first tree mentioned in the Bible?

2      The last tree mentioned in the Bible?

3      What kind of tree did Deborah sit under as judge of Israel?

4      Who is the first person in the Bible to plant trees?

5      Under what kind of tree did Jesus find Nathaniel?

6      Can you name five trees in your neighbourhood?

7      How do trees communicate?

8      What ancient English poem tells the Passion story from the tree’s point of view?

9      What is the name of the ancient shepherds of the forest in Lord of the Rings.

10     In what English city did J.R.R. Tolkien’s favorite tree live?



1      Genesis 2 – the Tree of the knowledge of good and evil.

2      Revelation 22 – the Tree of Life.

3      Palm tree (Judges 4.2).

4      Abraham  (Genesis 21.33).   

5      A fig tree (John 1.48).

6      You’ll have to answer this.

7      The ‘wood-wide web.’

8      The Dream of the Rood.

9      Ents, the oldest being Treebeard.

10     Oxford.

Join us this Sunday as we reflect on faith, forests, and our care of our fragile and beautiful planet.