Five Minutes on Friday 6

“In a time of destruction, create something.  A poem.  A parade.  A community.  A school.  A vow.  A moral principle.  One peaceful moment."  [Maxine Hong Kingston]


This week as COP26 continues in Glasgow, I have been reading Katherine Hayhoe’s new book, Saving Us.  Hayhoe embodies several seeming contradictions.  She is a Canadian living and teaching in the U.S.  She is a climate scientist who teaches in Lubbock, Texas, the heart of the oil industry.  She is an evangelical Christian who is convinced that we need to act to prevent further climate damage and is willing to talk to anyone about her faith and her science.  Early in the book she talks about ‘global warmings six Americas,’ which, I believe, applies to Canada as well.  She invites us to consider a spectrum of attitudes toward global warming.  At one end are the total believers in the science and the dangers we face.  At the other end are those who are in full denial of any climate crisis.  In between, people range from hesitant belief to those with many questions around the science of global warming.  The good news, she says, is that the deniers only make up 7% of the population which means that 93% are open to action being taken to ensure the health of our planetary home.   A large part of the book then takes up the question of how we can have these important conversations, with lots of practical advice on how to build connection with others without demonizing them.   I challenge you to find another book that comes with endorsements from such a variety of people:  Margaret Atwood, Alan Alda, and the Orthodox Patriarch!    A good read!


On November 11 we will once again remember:

  • Remember those who lost their lives in military service.
  • Remember the millions of innocent children, women, and men who died in the wars.
  • Remember the destruction of nature, a severe casualty of war.
  • Remember the lies, propaganda, and blind leadership that led countries into war.
  • Remember the conscientious objectors and other voices for peace who spoke truth to voices of power and untruth in the midst of war.


We are people of God’s peace as a new creation,
Love unites and strengthens us at this celebration.
Sons and daughters of the Lord, serving one another,
A new covenant of peace binds us all together.

We are children of God’s peace in this new creation,
Spreading joy and happiness, through God’s great salvation.
Hope we bring in spirit meek, in our daily living,
Peace with everyone we seek, good for evil giving.

We are servants of God’s peace, of the new creation,
Choosing peace, we faithfully serve with heart’s devotion.
Jesus Christ, the Prince of peace, confidence will give us.
Christ the Lord is our defence; Christ will never leave us.

(Text: Menno Simmons, 1552; tr. Esther Bergen, Mennonite World Conference Songbook, 1990. Translation copyright © 1990 Mennonite World Conference.)