Five Minutes on Friday 33


My dad is 90. Last summer my mom passed on. They had been together for nearly 70 years.  That statement can be understood as both the gift of a long love and a window into the depth of loneliness that follows.

Over the holidays we three siblings offered up this Christmas present:  A road trip. It started in Northern Indiana, made its way to Fresno, Calif., then on to Tucson, Ariz., and back again, time spent with each family.  Each of the three of us drove a leg.  Mine went from Tucson to Goshen, Ind., about 28 hours of driving.  Across two days, dad and I talked nearly without stop.

At one point I asked him about something I had thought about for years: How was it that as he aged, he became more open, gracious and curious? ….

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OT scholar Walter Brueggeman says:  ‘What we are called to do is articulate the alternative world that God has promised, and that God is birthing before our very eyes.  If we have eyes to see it.’  

SUNDAY – 2 Samuel 11-12

The church, it seems, struggles to communicate the good news revealed in Scripture and in Jesus Christ.  Why have we lost our fluency in faith talk?  One contemporary commentator muses that he misses words like forgiveness, grace, mercy, sin, kindness.  How do we find a ‘faith language?’  

How has good news become bad news?  Despite Christians’ often good intentions to spread good news to Indigenous peoples, practices based on colonial assumptions turned the good news into bad news, resulting in generational trauma, systemic poverty and cultural genocide for Indigenous communities - ‘Seeds’