Each year, in the time of year I enjoy most, I get to reflect on the blessings in my life. The year 2020 has offered me many opportunities to grumble and feel sadness. So I have decided that this is a good time to create a partial list of ‘thank you’s. Each day I can add a few more items.

  1. Thank you for the dried leaves that skitter and rattle alone the ground and pavement in their golden autumnal dance.
  2. Thank you for the feeling of soil between my fingers – soil well spent after supporting this season’s growth as I dig up the strong, frost tipped carrots.
  3. Thank you for the curiosity of a one-year-old as he listens for the sound of Canada geese and airplanes overhead.
  4. Thank you for the smells of autumn – the smell of grain dust, the smell of leaves drying off the branch, the smell of cooler air, and backyard wood fires.
  5. Thank you that just as the season changes, we too can grow and change and face new challenges with enhanced strength. Thank you that we need never to be stuck in one time nor one place. Thank you for resurrection power.
  6. Thank you for universal health care in Saskatchewan.
  7. Thank you for morning drives with Tim Horton’s coffee in hand to see the Canada geese feasting on the golden stubble.
  8. Thank you for friends with whom to share common age-of-life experiences. Thank you for friends who empathize and help me to laugh at my experiences.
  9. Thank you for the relationship I have with Creator God. God who holds my days and my nights. God who gives meaning and purpose to my life. God who repeatedly teaches me the meaning of love – how it looks and feels and smells and tastes.
  10.  Thank you for the people who accompany me through life – up close and personal, at arms-length yet impactful.