Getting Involved

COVID-19 restrictions have resulted in curtailment of many activities and service opportunities.  We are however cautiously restarting some of our activities, while adhering to safety protocols.  This involves sanitizing,  distancing, masks, registrations, taking attendance and having attendees answer the usual set of questions committing to be free of the common COVID-19 symptoms.

Pickle Ball

Postponed until further notice

Resuming under strict COVID-19 guidelines.  All play must be pre-booked.

  • 4 players only will be allowed in the gym for 50 minutes of play.  After that, the players will sanitize gym and equipment before the next group of 4 players.
  • A coordinator will be assigned to each playing day to ensure guidelines are followed, and that bathrooms, door knobs, and equipment is sanitized.
  • All players will sign in and indicate that they are free of COVID symptoms.

When Pickle Ball begins again, if you would like to be part of the program, please use our contact form to request more information and be registered to play. Please be sure to include your contact information so that we can get back to you.   
Registered players, please use the Pickle Ball Schedule to book a playing time.
 contact form Pickle Ball Schedule

Baby Boomers plus

Thursdays 10:30 AM

Baby Boomers have been entering their retirement for a few years already, while some are still working at jobs outside the home. This stage of life is a time of transition, sometimes entered with joy, at other times with real soul searching. A group of Boomers get together each week for conversation and mutual support and encouragement. And sometimes there are additional get togethers which include food. These conversations serve to normalize this stage of life, create community for the long haul and develop a creative life environment. Social and spiritual needs are addressed. 

Forever in Motion

Thursdays at 9:30 AM - postponed until further notice

Physical fitness is important for overall health. Weekly, folks from the church and the surrounding communities, come together for 45 minutes of low-impact exercise.  Movements focus on strength training, balance, flexibility, and endurance. Exercise sessions are peer led with training provided by Forever in Motion trainers and the Saskatoon Health Region. All levels of fitness are welcome.