Spiritual Care Ministry

The Spiritual Care Committee, in addition to assisting the pastoral staff with caring activities, takes responsibility for several ongoing events or programs of the congregation.

Prayer during COVID-19 pandemic

We are nearing a year since the pandemic changes have influenced our lives.  Some us may be feeling exausted, some hopeful because of the vaccine, some resigned to the now normal.  However we are feeling God knows, loves and walks with us.  Whatever form your prayers take from many words to no words, God hears. 


‘I take a little time now to “pray very simply,” laying my requests before You once again, telling You how I’m feeling, and remembering as I do that You are not scowling but smiling with an expression of tender affection’

Here is a website that offers various prayers in this pandemic time from individual prayers to family prayers:  

Seniors Appreciation Day

Each year, we organize and event to show appreciation to our seniors for their presence in and service to our congregation.  Usually a lunch, sometimes a potluck combined with a program, a games day, or a day designed to encourage our seniors to think young.  (As depicted by the photo of Carnival Day.)

Eternity Sunday

Eternity Sunday; the last Sunday of our Christian Church Calendar; the Sunday before Advent, also sometimes known as Christ the King Sunday.

On Eternity Sunday each year we participate in a special service remembering our loved ones who have passed away.  With combined emotions of grief and love, participants take a taper, light it from the large "Christ Candle" and place it in the large sand filled container.  With this special ritual, we support each other, in death and life.