Thought for the week - Prayers   

May 31 was the last day for Gary Peters in his role as Interim Executive Minister of MC Sask. We thank Gary for his leadership and ministry for the past 14 months. On June 1 Len Rempel will assume the role of MC Sask Executive Minister. Please pray for Gary and Len during this time of transition.  

Local News
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Community Barbeque

Join us and the community for our annual Celebrate Summer event.  This year the event is a community project of the Westmount and Mount Royal community associations and Mount Royal Mennonite church.

The Anabaptist Community Bible project:

The Anabaptist Community Bible is a 500th Anniversary of Anabaptism project of MennoMedia, designed for a broad range of Anabaptist readers, and to draw readers deeper in faith and provide opportunities for reflection. This is the first Bible with commentary developed from an Anabaptist perspective.

The bible is not an Anabaptist translation, but rather uses and existing translation, the Common  English Bible (CEB).  The CEB is a scholarly translation, not a paraphrase. But it is also highly readable, intended for an 8th grade reading level. In the spirit of the 16th century Anabaptists, this is a truly a “peoples’ Bible,” readily accessible to a wide range of ordinary people.  The "peoples' Bible" concept is based on the source of the commentary.  Menno Media put out an invite hoping for 500 groups of Anabaptists from around the world to contribute their current reflections on scripture.  They received more than 500 responses, among them a response from MRMC.  We were given three (3) passages to comment on.

This ad hoc small group from the congregation got together and worked on how they understand and respond to the three passages of scripture that were assigned to us.  Their commentary was submitted to the committee that is editing and assembling the bible.   The three passages that they worked on are Leviticus 23, Leviticus 24, Mark 15:33-47 and Psalm 32.

The print version is scheduled to be ready for distribution in February 2025.  In Canada it will initially be available exclusively from Common Word in Winnipeg.  Pre-sale, at discounted prices, will be available beginning in May this year. 

There will be three formats: a hardback, soft touch/imitation leather, and genuine leather.  Prices have not been set but the estimated pre-sale price for the hard back is around $60, $75 for the soft touch and $115 for the leather.  (Common Word says that these prices are rough estimate and not a quote.) 



April 21, 2024 Installation of
Pastor Emily Summach

2023 Christmas Project

Our annual Christmas project this year is the Prairie Harm Reduction Family Apartment.  They are in constant need of diapers, pull-ups, formula, hygiene and menstrual products.  Below are a couple of photos from our initial donation.  We are accepting donation of needed products and money gifts designated to PHR Christmas project. 
See herefor ways to donate through the church, or go directly to the Prairie Harm Reduction website

PHR staff accepting our first donation                            PHR Thank-you as posted on their Instagram
of collected materials                                                                                                   page                 


Pickle Ball

Pickle Ball is happening.  Monday & Wednesday evenings beginning at 6 PM and Tuesday and Thursday 1:30 PM.  If you would like to be part of this, please use our contact form to request more information. Please be sure to include your contact information so that we can get back to you. 
 contact form

Baby Boomers plus

Thursdays 10:30 AM

Baby Boomers have been entering their retirement for a few years already, while some are still working at jobs outside the home. This stage of life is a time of transition, sometimes entered with joy, at other times with real soul searching. A group of Boomers get together each week for conversation and mutual support and encouragement. And sometimes there are additional get togethers which include food. These conversations serve to normalize this stage of life, create community for the long haul and develop a creative life environment. Social and spiritual needs are addressed. 

Forever in Motion

Tuesday and Thursday morning from 9:30- 10:15 AM

Come join your neighbours as we engage in low-intensity workouts twice a week. As we work at strength training and improve our balance and flexibility, we are careful to begin with warm-ups and end with stretches. Exercises are led by trained Forever in Motion personnel which help to keep us upright and moving while we build community with some great friends. Proof of Vaccination is expected as are masks and physical distancing – all to keep ourselves and each other safe and healthy. Come join us!

Favorite Foods for Future Generations

Does your family have any favorite recipes? Are there particular meals that you enjoy preparing more than the others? Or do you use the same “old” recipe over and over because your family likes it?
Here we have an opportunity to share some of your favorite recipes and include a story that has helped to make it so.