Local Congregation

This page is for our local congregational resources:

  • quick links
  • forms
  • policies
  • bylaws and constitution
  • Reports

A password may be required to access some of the documents.

Quick Links

Our monthly  Calendar 

The monthly calendar is as of the end of the previous month and is not updated with changes that may happen during the current month.

Our live online    calendar

(Your device needs be logged in to your Google account to view the live online Calendar.)

Planning Grid

Worship service participation chart:

Printable Forms - Master copies

Download and print the form, or call the church office and request a form to be placed in your mailbox.

Education Ministry Expense form

Missions and Services Ministry Expense Form

Operations Ministry Expense Form

Spiritual Care Ministry Expense Form

Worship Ministry Expense Form

Operational Loan Form

Policies - Funds related

A password may be required to access some of these documents.

MRMC Bursary Policy

Capital Funds Policy

Honorarium Policy

Operational Reserve Fund Policy

Staff / Volunteer Policies

Salary Policy  

Leaves Policy  - includes vacations, sick leave, and compassionate leaves

Staff Policy  - includes Guiding Values and Harassment Policy and processes for staff and volunteers.

Reports and Budgets

February 2022 Budget Meeting Reports  PDF

December 2022 Annual Meeting Reports  PDF

February 2023 Budget Meeting Reports  PDF

November 2023 Annual Meeting Reports  PDF


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